The Company

Dreampix Design, LLC  – A 3D rendering and animation company based in Seoul, Korea

The SituationProven Results

The owner of the company wanted to open an office in New York to target U.S. clients, while keeping production in Korea.

  • No business plan
  • No marketing material
  • No specified market segment

The Objective

  • Establish a presence in New York
  • Obtain clients
  • Generate revenue

The Activities

Market Segmentation

  • Identified demand in residential real estate as a marketing and visual communication tool to expedite pre-sales of homes not yet built
  • Established a value proposition that the use of 3D visualization increases close rates for pre-sales efforts, which also leads to a lower cost of sale
  • Segmented market to determine most profitable targets
Three market segments listed in order from most profitable to least:
    • Marketing companies are the main “influencers” to the “buyers”
      • The number of deals and the average deal sizes are the highest among the three market types
    • Real estate developers are the “buyers”
      • The average deal size is less than the marketers.  And the number of deals is much less.
    • Architects are lower quality “influencers”
      • The average deal size is much less than both the marketers and the developers
  • Marketing Collateral CreationPlanned and managed the production of brochure, website, and sales support collateral that communicated value proposition to the influencers and buyers
  • Developed and implemented lead generation campaign

The Challenges

  • Winning the 1st clients
While the technical ability of the production team was quite impressive, the portfolio of work was all from Korean clients.  This created a perception of high risk for potential U.S. clients.  To overcome this, I focused on presenting the value to the client and the quality of the 3D work.  I avoided specific case studies until we had a few US projects completed.
  • Managing overseas production of creative assets
Communicating with designers and programmers through a translator who had no technical knowledge challenged both the project timeline and the quality of work.  To overcome the language barrier I provided a lot of my direction through visuals.

The Results

    • Grew company’s revenues by over 2,200% in 3 years
    • Campaign cost = $43,500

1st year revenue = $107,500
2nd year revenue = $458,000
3rd year revenue = $1.2M