Beef Jerky Company Social Media Case Study

Beef jerky is an impulsive point of purchase buy. Hence, the reason you see it at gas station check-out stands. Who’da thought they could sell $30,000 worth on-line in one week because of productive keyword monitoring for industry chatter.

Being in the right place at the right time doesn’t have to depend on luck. With the right listening tools you can be everywhere, all the time, listening. All you need now is an eye for opportunity and the conviction to jump on it when you see it.

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Don’t just take my word that monitoring and engaging on social media can be a productive strategy.

Take it from Timothy Wood, the son in a family owned beef jerky company, who nailed it with his insightful reply to a post he found on Reddit.  The conversation snowballed and soon 1,300 people were involved and begging for a coupon code to buy his beef jerky.

In a follow up post, Timothy shared the sales results.

  • In 8 days they received 653 orders
  • That is 18x their monthly average in just 1 week
  • They did $30,000 in sales that month

Beef Jerky Company Gets 18x Monthly Sales In 1 Week


What Did Opportunity Look Like?

It was a simple question.  But it expressed a genuine frustration rooted in a real love for beef jerky.

Reddit post about Beef Jerky prices

When Timothy saw this post, he knew he was the perfect person to respond.  He gave this simple, clear explanation on how beef jerky is priced.

Beef Jerky Company Response to Reddit Post


His response we quickly voted to the top by the community, as was another poster’s request for a discount.

What he did right

Timothy responded with an insightful answer to the frustrated poster.  He didn’t push the product or immediately offer a discount.  He simply gave a straight forward, logical explanation. His expertise was validated by his mention of the family business.  And by not mentioning the business name, he made it clear that he was there to provide value not push a sale.

It was only when the Reddit community started begging for a discount, that he offered them a special treat.

  • He let the intrigue build by sharing valuable knowledge
  • And then he offered the coupon once he had the trust of the community

And then to further engage the community, he shared very detailed info on the sales generated from the Reddit exposure.  That was a creative and unique way to deepen his relationship with these new customers.  That transparency shows his motive wasn’t to get in and out with a bunch of sales, but to truly be a part of the community.

What about you?

Have you jumped on opportunities like this on social media?